Growing collection of publicy available software.

  • ELBA: Parallel String Graph Construction, Transitive Reduction, and Contig Generation for Long-Read De Novo Genome Assembly.
  • BELLA: Computationally-Efficient and Highly-Accurate Long-Read to Long-Read Aligner and Overlapper.
  • LOGAN: High-Performance GPU-Based X-Drop Long-Read Alignment.
  • PASTIS: Distributed Protein Sequence Aligner.
  • XAVIER: High-Performance X-Drop Adaptive Banded Pairwise Alignment.
  • GALATIC: Sparse Matrix-Sparse Matrix Multiplication CUDA Template Library over Arbitrary Semiring.
  • CombBLAS.starter: CombBLAS Starter Code for a Beginner.
  • PyPlotCollection: Collection of Python Script to Plot Data for Publication.